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Blessings, Joy, and Gratitude!

Thank you for your continued decision to be a part of the Hattig Financial Company family! I truly honor our relationship and your partnership. We are committed to delivering the most valuable investment, insurance, and financial plans to you; and the team continues to diligently work on rolling out the vision I’ve had in my mind for years. Thank you for your patience, grace, and trust in us through my retooling process. All this is being done so we can provide you the best plan and results for decades to come.

This summer was the fastest in recorded history! Already, Portia and Asher are back to school; she is starting 7th grade and Asher, 9th. Tania is back to delivering to school, volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball, practices, open gyms, scrimmages and games! It is a lot; we realize, but I know this is a short season of life and we wouldn’t trade all these opportunities for the world!

Asher turned 14 this July—his most significant birthday yet, as he and I spent the last year intentionally working through his coming of age. Together, we studied and developed four specifics parts of his manhood, ‘Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength’. This all culminated the end of July in his ‘Rites of Passage’ three-day experience of Training – Trial – Blessing & Commission. Asher and I have tremendous gratitude that we, the two of us, spent the thought, time, and energy working this together. ”Thanks Asher for being such a great guy, son, young man!”

August provided another significant marker in life—Tania’s and my 20th marriage anniversary! I am fortunate to have such a beautiful, intelligent, kind, caring, Christ-loving, committed, energetic, (this list goes on—I promise), spouse, life-partner, and mother of our children! Thank you, Tania, for the past 20 years, I am peaceful and excited for what the next 20 has in store!

As we continue to build upon our foundation, and become the best investment and financial planning company we can be, I am proud to share a new HFC Get to Know Us piece for all of you, and those of you who so graciously introduce us to new relationships. I continue to be incredibly thankful for the wonderful introductions and referrals. Taking care of you is the core of our business; and adding new, healthy relationships is the life blood. Know that when you send us a referral, those relationships become as important as yours, and we will strive every day to take great care of each and every one.

Feel free to share the attached HFC Get to Know Us, along with our phone number and website, so potential new clients can get a feel of who we are and what we do.

Have a beautiful start to Fall 2023!


Ephesians 2:10 & Malachi 4:6

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