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Spring | Summer - Introductions Are In Order!

Thank God for our sunshine, and all the snow and rain this winter and spring. I hope this letter finds you happy, healthy, and looking forward to a fun summer!

Lots of exciting news to share about HFC. Several introductions are in order! First, I would like to introduce Rita Williamson. She is our new Operations Manager, tasked with keeping so many things running smoothly. She has tremendous skills, a great work ethic, and as many of you have already experienced, she is wonderful to communicate with. Rita has three children, ages high school to college. She has a lot going on! We look forward to many successful years working together. Second, join me in congratulating new parents Stephen, and his wife Claire. They just welcomed their first child, Oliver, who was born April 19, 2023––how exciting is that! Oliver is healthy, happy, and doing what babies do, which is wreak havoc on their parents’ sleep schedule. We are so happy for the Moorman family! Lastly, “HR” (HattigRanch) is back to having baby horses! We just welcomed this cute little filly (still figuring out her name). She is a 6th generation HR foal––and when I slow down enough to think about it, it gives me a deep feeling of gratitude, which leads into some final thoughts I’ll share with you at the end of this letter. So much to be grateful for in the lives of all of us at HFC.

This summer is shaping up to be chalked full with Asher and Portia’s baseball and softball schedules, some basketball, and dedicated time spent at home and on the lake. Asher has just completed 8th grade, and Portia 6th. They both had very successful years. We are proud of their hard work, excellent grades, commitment to their teams, and being part of this family!

On the work front, I want to share two items. With so many things happening in the world, in our country, and specifically with the markets, there are only so many things you and I can control. What we CAN do, is decide what types of markets, investments, and tools we are going to use, and manage the circumstances as wisely as possible. Please know this is what we are diligently doing for you, all the time! The other item is in regards to our continued improvements of systems, communications, technology, and planning. I will continue to share information on initiatives that I am working on. This month I want bring attention to the website, We have worked hard to make this is an easy hub for several resources, like contact information, current news and events, referrals, cool cowboy pictures (had to say it), and coming soon, links to all your logins such as Schwab, NFS, American Funds, American-Equity, North American, RightCapital (which I’m referring to it as your ‘HFC-Dashboard’), etc. We will continue to update and refine the site over the coming months.

A final note for this edition, which yes, ties into our new filly. Over the years I’ve had so many of you ask, “what is a reining horse and what are all these sculptures, or trophies from?” Well, now you're in luck. My team has put together a beautiful one-minute video that I hope gives you a glimpse into one of my greatest passions. See, more mornings than not, I’m at the gym by 5:47 (which is two minutes late), then home to grab a quick bite, pick up Portia and Asher, drive them to school, and head to the barn to train a horse––which in the wintertime often starts before sunrise––then a quick shower, and head to the office for the day. The intent is for you to see, and connect, how the heartfelt care I have for that part of my life, and the dedication and excellence it demands, has helped shape the foundation and principles of HFC. I hope you enjoy it, and please, do share it with others! The video is now on our HOME page, and also on the WORK WITH US page, with a version set to music that is shareable.

Be well, let us know how we can help, and I’ll talk to you soon!


Proverbs 16:9

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