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January 2023 - Chosen

CHOSEN—January 2023

Welcome to 2023, whether you believe it or not! Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, I imagine that you are like me, and you can sense how time ‘changes.’ Asher is now halfway through 8th grade and Portia is halfway through 6th, so I have a new appreciation for change and especially the amount of time we have remaining as our current family unit. Cherish the present you are in and those around you while being excited for the days and years to come!

Change was a theme of 2022, not only globally, but also here at HFC. Thanks So Much for working through the change with us! We are moving into the third phase of retooling, and for many I’ll be introducing you to a cornerstone of HFC going forward, RightCapital, a client-facing dashboard. Stay tuned as I’ll be developing this throughout 2023.


As we wound down last year, already beginning to see the fruits of the hard work, thinking ‘we are good’—I should have known…God had some other plans! After nearly eight years with me, you, HFC, Shelby is going back to her teaching career. She told me it was one of the hardest decisions she and Mike have had to make, and she thought that she’d be at Hattig Financial until she retired. After a year of praying to have enough time and resources for Yael to start her school years, an opportunity opened that allows for Shelby to focus on Yael and teaching. I, like you, am so grateful for Shelby—her integrity, professionalism, thoroughness, kindness, just to name a few attributes. Eight years can go by in a blink of an eye…talk about the ‘time-quotient!’ We’ll miss Shelby, and Shelby will miss us, HFC, You—our clients, so many great conversations—she became a gateway into seeing what was going on in your life and the life of your family. God is Good, and wants the best for Shelby’s family, your family, our family, and HFC—so Great Times and a Great Person are being prepared to take over this vital position. I let Shelby know that if any of you want to reach out to her, I will pass that along to her, and she will personally give you a call. Thank you Shelby!


As we begin this New Year, I want to share something special Tania is doing for our family. She has picked a word for all of us to focus on. We’re going to be directing our thoughts to CHOSEN. We believe we are chosen to be parents to Asher and Portia, chosen to live this specific life, right here and right now, and chosen to lead HFC, have you as our clients, and chosen to take care of those we love. I look forward to an Exceptional 2023. We have much to accomplish together! I appreciate YOU for CHOOSING HFC and I’m excited to keep rolling out valuable tools for Investment and Financial Planning for your future.


We are working on plans for our re-launch of DINNER SEMINARS! We’ll be inviting guests to join us for a great discussion and a great dinner. If any of you would like to join us and bring a friend or a couple that you think would be a good fit for HFC, we would love to welcome you! Look for an email coming in the next month about that.

Take care of one another and talk with you soon! Blessings, Josh Jeremiah 29:11

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