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T.A.C.O.S – This was the theme of Middle School Church Camp where I had the Honor to lead ten – 8th grade boys in early June. Portia and Asher both attended camp as well and it was a great experience, a true blessing for them and myself. They both had friends that attended and met several great new friends as well. I was blessed to see just how great Asher and Portia are… also how much fun middle schoolers can be! The thing is they are growing up in a world very different than you and I did so for me it was an eye-opening experience to try and understand the challenges they face (which we didn’t even dream of) as 10-to-14-year-olds. But God – he is good, and we had an exceptional week!

Back to TACOS, Thanksgiving – Adoration – Confession – Others – Self… a good acronym for daily

living and a guide to middle schooler’s thought life! I am grateful for you and my business that I was able to take three full days away from the office (with just a little checking-in) and do my part of pouring into young people, so “Thank You” for our business-relationship which affords me and my family opportunities like these! I’ve attached a couple of fun pics – I don’t have a pic of ‘Sling-Shot-Paintball’ – but for all ten boys and myself, it was our most favorite Action-Activity!

On a different note, now that interest rates have shifted upwards, we are seeing our fixed-products portfolio become much more attractive. Make sure we have a conversation about that side of the allocation mix and plan for continual monitoring, especially if you are continually concerned about the market we are in the midst of. We have worked intensely thus far in 2022 and will continue to do so throughout the year, and also, thank you for your continual collaboration and planning for the future.


Phillipians 2:4

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