Be Where Your Feet Are

What do you think of those five words! Pretty inspiring, and according to Asher, this is our family motto! One of his history projects was to create a 'Coat of Arms', with the definitions and meanings of each, and also to develop a family motto. He did such a great job!

Speaking of a Coat of Arms and Family Motto's, November 11th is Veterans Day; we would love it if you join us at HFC in honoring current, former, widows and family members of the US Armed

Forces, also Fire and Police, and extra gratitude to our front-line medical professionals! I am filled with gratitude for these families and individuals for their dedication to serve all of us and our country.

This past month I've had several really meaningful conversations with clients. Thank you for that; I am honored. Saying that, both the HFC and personal Hattig families have experienced significant loss the past two months. More than a couple of our most dear, treasured people have passed... I personally am grateful and a better man for have knowing these precious lives. My hope is that you and your family and friends draw more near to one another this coming season.

Also, remember that we are here to play our role in supporting you and your family.

My appreciation for you runs deep. Let's do our best to continue to care for one another, humbly and gracefully.

Please have a joyful and fulfilling fall season.

Matthew 6:33,34

Thank you,

Joshua Hattig