Excitement and Determination in 2022

Well, whether we believe it or not, the year 2022 is well under way! So much has happened the past month or so hasn't it! Some beautiful and great, some really difficult. My hope for you and your family is that you experience joy and hope in different pockets of your life.

Asher, Portia and the Hattig Family had a really nice Christmas; Portia is showing off her full-volume Shakespeare book and Asher, as any 12-year-old boy, has a devious look while holding his new slingshot, thanks 'Santa'!How cool are the drawings Portia made, I just had to share them!All that said, New Year's Eve sure had a different story for so many; I'm not sure about you but we have several friends and clients who lost their home due to the Marshall fire.I am grateful however, the people I've spoken with are healthy and are, "doing good all things considered," according to one friend who lost their home.It's been so good to witness how our community has rallied around the families who have been impacted by the fire, it's a reminder to me how deeply many care for their neighbors.This really has been a rollercoaster start to the year, but let's all stick together and get on the 'other-side' of things!

A special thanks to the HFC staff; Shelby, Stephen, Tania, consultant-Keri.We have been working hard on efficiencies/technology/operations/marketing/investment-planning and we have much to roll-out and share with you in 2022.Excited and determined is an underlying theme around here; we intend on having an exceptional year and decades to come serving you.As we work towards our goals, we look forward to sharing with you the things we've been working on.

Thank you for the truly wonderful introductions to your colleagues and friends the past two months - You are very appreciated!

Talk with you soon,

Romans 8:37-39

Thank you,

Joshua Hattig