Heading Into Fall 2021!

Hello, I hope this note finds you healthy and hopeful. Of course, there are so many challenges that us individually and our country and world for that matter are faced with; a hope and prayer of mine is that each of us remember the very most important things and keep them prioritized.

I know for me its faith, family, health, community, and a sense of adventure. What are the most important things in your life? Each of us at Hattig Financial appreciate you so much; our job is to come alongside of you and support the most important and cherished parts of your life… thank you for continuing to trust us.

This past year we have been noting, albeit informally, a list of clients who served in the United States Armed Forces.We are doing this so year over year we can show our gratitude to you for your service.Since you are reading this, would you please reply to me or Shelby so we can be sure we have our list up to date.

Have a wonderful start to the fall season, I know for many of you it is your favorite season of the year (especially for those of us in Colorado)! Thank you as always for the introductions to your friends and colleagues this past month – you are so appreciated!

God Bless, Josh