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Joy in 2020

Longmont and Boulder Financial Planner

2020 is one for the ages… Of course, each and every one of us has been affected in some way by this pandemic including a number of our own ‘HFC-family’ that have lost loved ones. While recognizing and honoring this, I still have been able to witness ‘joy’ in many different places, I hope you have too.

The end of July Asher and I spent a few days at the Medano-Zapata ranch in southern Colorado. This 100,000-acre ranch abuts the Great Sand Dunes & is overlooked by Blanca Peak. About 20 years ago it was purchased by a Non-Profit Conservancy which maintains the property, keeping its ‘Ranching-roots’ in the forefront. Half of the ranch is home to approximately 2,000 Bison – they are big, beautiful, and wild! We stayed a few nights and rode horses for hours and hours each day, the blessing (for me) is that I’ve heard Asher tell many people that week was the best part of his Summer!

Our kids, Portia and Asher, as of the beginning of September, anyway, are back ‘in-school’… Tania and I as well and the kids are grateful for this. I pray not just for their safety, education, and joy but all the kids across the country and the world. Portia is in fourth grade and plays softball, basketball, the piano, loves to swim, and rides her pony ‘Red.’ Asher is in sixth grade and plays baseball, basketball, the piano, loves to wakeboard, and rides his horse ‘Luke.’

Thank you for your relationship, I appreciate you, your family, and your continued trust, more than you know. One piece of housekeeping: If you own some type of fixed account with an annual anniversary date you know we take seriously this annual check-in and review. If this is you and you receive your statement before we’ve made a call out to you please feel free to call us and let us know you have it. This can help us streamline the process if any adjustments make sense and need to be made.

God Bless – I’ll talk with you very soon!


Colossians 3:2

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