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Love, Hope and Client Dinners

Life is so precious and fragile. Since last I wrote we as the Hattig family and our community of friends and family have experienced a huge range of life’s highs, lows and back again. I know we all go through this winding trail of life full of hills and valleys, boy this year and month have been a true reminder! I hope and pray you and your loved ones are healthy, happy, and ready for your next adventures!

Portia was Baptized on April 3, 2021, it was such a great experience and expression of her love for Jesus and a true celebration, she is one courageous young lady! We Love You Portia! Reflecting, it is such a blessing that all of ‘JTAP’ was there, me and Tania were able to do the ‘dunking’ and both sets of Grandmas and Grandpas were with us – Yay! On the flip side of life, we had a dear long-time friend’s daughter pass away the following week. Such a tragedy for the family, but we do know she is healthy, joyful and with Jesus in Heaven! Let’s all be sure to keep our families and good friends close, engaged, and loved-on.

I know… heavy stuff this month… On the lighter side we kicked-off the Hattig Financial Client Appreciation and Networking Dinners! It was a blast! Thank you to great clients: Jim, Eve, and Paul for hosting the event, having four good friends attend, and enjoying a great meal together! My intent is to make these appreciation - networking dinners just a way that Hattig Financial does business. I Never lose sight of the amazing clients like you that I work for, Thank You – Thank You! When you are ready to host an event be sure to ask me or reach out to Shelby and we will get a date on the calendar.

Onward we go, looking toward the future and having reverence for the past. Thank you for our continued relationship and extra thanks to the four introductions of colleagues, neighbor, and friend this past month; I have tremendous gratitude for your trust in me.

- Josh Matthew 7:24-25

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