Summer is for Parents Too!

Hello! I hope you have started to go out and explore again… many clients have taken road trips this summer; some through Colorado, I know a couple who visited Nashville, and even a family that drove their RV in a big loop to Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania to the Great Lakes and back home – Winner!

For us this summer as Asher’s baseball and Portia’s softball wound down, we took a short trip to South Dakota through Wyoming where we stayed overnight in Lusk, WY because the truck didn’t like the 100-degree temps! The four of us visited Mount Rushmore on a Thursday night in the rain. The parking lot was nearly empty, and the amphitheater had about 50 of us braving the weather… it really was a great experience to see Mount Rushmore at nighttime, even in the rain – I recommend it!

Late July the kids spent a week at Camp Timberline which is located at the trailhead for Longs Peak, near the base of Mount Meeker. Asher and Portia had a great week, and an extra blessing is that our dear-close family friends that live in California had there three kids attend camp the same week. What that meant is the four of us parents had a week together without kids; very strange but a precursor for things to come in the next phase of life! One day the four of us went fly-fishing on the Big Thompson River up highway 34 outside Loveland. We wound ourselves all the way up to the dam on the east side of Estes Park. The fishing picture is of Tania just before she waded further out to ‘find the big one’! Actually, no big ones that day but we really enjoyed being in the river and practicing our casting!

Asher and Portia start back to school the end of August so lots of prayers and encouragement for them and ALL the kids (and parents) as we head back to the classroom.

We are working hard to be in regular communication with each of you, please reach out if there is something you need some help with. Reminder, when the time is right don’t be bashful to ask Shelby or I about having an appreciation and networking dinner that we host for you and a few friends… remember, Everything is On Us!

My hope for you is that you find yourself and your family healthy, connected, and excited for today and the next season of life. Thank you for the introductions to your friends and colleagues the past two months, I’ve met and been able to help some really great people… thanks again.

God Bless – be well & enjoy the remainder of summer!