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The Fall Frenzy and What's Ahead

Hello, I hope you have enjoyed the start to fall. A lot of people here (in CO) tell me this is their favorite time of year. For me, it’s summer. I love the warm weather and the lake!


So, I don’t usually do this, but I’m going to ‘tell on myself!’ I totally broke one of our ‘Family Rules’ over the past two months. Forgive me though, because it was a totally conscious decision! This summer, I knew I would be so busy with work (excuse or reason?), I told Asher, Portia, and most importantly, Tania, that we were going to let the kids do something that we never do—play two sports at the same time! Both of them! Crazy, I know. Asher played eighth grade football for Resurrection and Fall-ball (baseball) for his club baseball team. On top of that, Porta played sixth grade volleyball for Resurrection and Fall-ball (softball) for her club softball team. They had great seasons, and by the way, yes, they went to school and had all A’s & a few B’s this past quarter. Way to go team—especially Tania!


Thanks for hanging in there with us during the Transition, which I’m now calling a Transformation...this is because we have a couple initiatives we are diligently working on, and will roll out to you over the next several months and year—all good things! My hope is those of you that want to get logged in online to view your accounts have been able to do so. If not, you should let us know, and we can assist you. The systems are very user friendly. Saying that, logging in to see securities account values has been rough this year, needless to say. Let’s be in regular conversation to stay on the same page. I want all of us to ‘sleep at night’, regardless of whether the markets are up or down. Likely it will be a rocky few months until interest rates begin to hold steady and hopefully the inflation problem will start to get under control. This is a consequential and real issue for all of us!


Thanks so much for the referrals in September and October, we appreciate them more than you know. Please remember we always like to acknowledge your referrals with a gift from us. For those of you who do not know, see our ‘Refer-A-Friend’ promotion below, and if you have referred someone, don’t hesitate to call us to ‘collect!’ I’ll talk with you soon, have a great start to the Holiday Season, and enjoy spending some fun times with those you love! You and your family mean so much to us. Thank you again!


Joshua 1:9

Ephesians 6:12

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